i'm here

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as long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke

I remember when we were young and the way was easy. We played football or basketball with the boys until someone got hurt. Tired but happy going to bed. The best time of my life. I remember anything. Some people say it was shit but Im so thankful for those times. Im at the part where I have to find a job and my friends wont have a lot time for me. This time will forever be in my heart. Im gonna get married one day. Have kids, and someday I will die. Life is too short to worry.

You were the light in my world, when times got dark. You tried to show me the right way. I still have the fear you will leave someday. You fought for me then like a real friend. When everyone would be against me, you were here. You protected me from this mad world. Every night when I feel sad you were here. We will go then when our hearts won’t beat anymore. You’re always here but I still can’t forgive and forget the pain I’ve had. My tears talk for me and you are the only one who understands. Giving you up? I won’t think about it. I know you have hard times but I would run through rain just to make you smile. I love you more than billions of words can say.